An example of a hybrid energy system is a Solar photovoltaic array of panels, and even Solar Heat collectors, coupled with a Wind Turbine. This would create more output from the wind turbine during the winter, whereas during the summer, the solar panels would produce their peak output.

The combination also works efficiently with greater energy output during the day with the Solar panels & collectors, with wind turbine generated energy at night.

A Hybrid renewable system is one that provides electricity from a Wind generator and Solar panels from the sun during the day, and continues to be supported by the Wind energy generator source, coupled with energy stored in batteries at night. This Hybrid renewable energy system may also include a Solar thermal Hot water system that has collected the sun’s radiation during the day to heat and store hot water in the boiler for use at night. Hybrid energy systems often times yield greater economic and environmental returns than wind, solar, hydro or biomass generation stand-alone systems by themselves.

Why products marketed by CRS Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd

  • The products marketed by CRS Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd are manufactured by Spitzen Energy India in collaboration with Spitzenengerie Solutions e. k, Germany and Wind Turbine technology by Fortis, Europe is a proven and tested technology.
  • The Wind Turbines are MNRE (Ministry for Natural and Renewable Energy) and C-WET ( Centre for Wind Energy Testing) Empanelled.
  • To be empanelled, MNRE conducts rigorous testing of the wind turbines for 2 years.
  • For any Wind Turbine to be highly efficient the cut-in wind speed should be low. The blades of the wind turbine play a crucial role in the low cut-in wind speed (start of electricity generation). The blades are specially made in Germany using Fiberglass – reinforced Epoxy.