How a Hybrid Energy System works?

When you install a Hybrid energy system, it is hooked up to your power meter directly and power is drawn first from the Hybrid energy system, then from your normal electricity provider (the electric company). When the Wind/Sunlight is very low, almost all of your power comes from them and your power meter works as normal, recording the kilowatt hours you use from the electric company. As the wind picks up or there is good sunlight, more and more electricity comes from the Hybrid energy system and less and less from the electric company, until a point is reached where all power comes from your Hybrid energy systems.

Applications of Solar Wind Hybrid Power System are listed below

  • Remote and rural village electrification
  • Ideal for cell phone recipient stations,
  • Residential colonies and apartments for general lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Forest Departments
  • Hospitals and educational institutions
  • Churches, Temples, places of worship